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Through the strength of my heart

my life as a crystal child


There is more than one way


which leads to life after life


there is more than one way of love


there is more than that one way

to find the other half of yourself in another human






The book will be for free for everyone who like to read it 



Find your purpose.




With the strength

of your heart.




It is good for them to follow without resistance, just because this way is the easiest?
They do not want to fight? Are they too weak? Are they happy, as it   i s   ?
They do not listen. They do not take you seriously, think you're a dreamer, a cracy fool, an idiot. And If you say, "Come, let us make something changing! I want to get out of here! Not always the same. It's boring! This routine, this   e v e r y d a y ..
I am so tired..I want something.


Something NEW!

Come, let us experience something! Let's do something that has never done anyone before!
Create something that has never creat anyone before! Let's get out of these patterns and create something completely new!
Do  you also want OUT of this? Do you also have the feeling that something bigger is waiting for you out there?

There is something that calls you? Day after day. Always that feeling.
This feeling that makes you impossible to breath, if you can not sleep at nightsee the stars and you are quietly wondering what is waiting for you OUT THERE?

How many unanswered questions you want to be answered at such a moment through your head.
How infinitely great is everything. And how small you are compared to these gigantic infinity of the universe ..




Your heart is calling you


The time is coming





Here and Now




 Time for chaning

Time to remember

Who you really are



This is an opportunity that I want to give to you. Here and Now. The chance to escape this endless cycle.

Therefore I am here now and I'll keep my hand for you.

With a smile and the hope that you reach for it and then I may take you, in my fantastic new world.




In our lifes there are no bad days 




even if the times are yet so hard    



every day is good  


Because you are still alive


is every day good..


Readers Reviews:



I just read the first few pages of the book ... and crying ... I must simply just write to you how blown away I am.
It's crazy how much love, understanding and security can apparently pack into words and sharing. I am so grateful. I do not know when or if I even was  so grateful to someone.
In your words There's so much comfort, so much so much love and acceptance


I've read your book all night until now  and at the beginning I was confused and was wondering whether it is right for me, I became increasingly interested until I ate it one line. Wow .. I had a really great start to the day because of you / your book.
Phew, in any case, I'm still overwhelmed by all the information in your book and I'll forget my questions I wanted to ask you in any case, even I will read it a thousand times more. The book was so great!

Once again I am sitting at the breakfast, and read in your wonderful book and I want to thank you from my heart. Your book has helped my daughter very much to understand many things and to allow them and it helps your to get out of her depression, and at least now she believes me  all the wonderful things I always tell to her and show. Thanks to you because of you she finally trust to her heart and she know that she is not "crazy". When I read in your book, I always have this feeling that you're sitting next to me and tell me my own story, as I was reading my diary and that of my children. Your love is so intense to feel that I often get totally swollen from crying with happiness and love  and forget the time around me and finally it really feels like to be "at home"

After I read your wonderful book and it comes across on almost every page on a parallel I can not suppress the feeling to be a crystal child.
It would explain many things, especially in this times in the nights where I scoured myself for answers and everytime feel this infinite energy, sudddenly that came out of me which you aptly describe as love. But even though I always felt this infinite love and  I never knew where it came from or what I should do with them. Until a few days there speak to me a very familiar voice with power and told me what I had to do. At least all this leads me to read your book.  unfortunately my heart is very closed because of my experiences. Still, I can feel it getting stronger every day, Fight itself out of his way, out of the darkness. I will now help it. I would really like to learn, for example, to understand the heart language of my environment much better and deepen my relationship with nature. I am so excited I do not know where to begin to ask. =)


 Your book is wonderful! I cried the whole time because I could feel your great love everywhere! Thanks to you I could finally open my heart again, I am infinitely soo grateful to you! I would love to print your book and have it with me all the time to read it again at any time, to feel your strength and love everywhere!

This is absolutley the best I've ever read. It has really shown me "the way back home," I've been looking for. My whole life I have felt misunderstood and lonely until I "was conducted" on your page and then read your book. My migraines and depression were suddenly blown away and I started the next day with a smile. You did something that nobody else has ever managed before. Not a psychologist, not a doctor, not a friend .. You healed me and showed me how important it is to follow my heart and whistles on the opinions of others. You showed me what life has to offer and what really counts! You did it with touching me with your words as no one before in my whole life! Thanks to you I am now a new person. I do not know how I could ever repay it, I think I could never give you what you have given me!

I must necessarily tell you how wonderful your book is! I sat up all night on it and could not stop reading. It is incredible that a person of your age can bring such deep, touching and wise texts  which also can cause so much in oneself. I could really feel every moment of everything as if I would even enjoy your stories straight. I had to cry, laugh, but almost always both! Thanks to your book, now I see the world with different eyes and I finally found myself.

I thank you with all my heart!

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